Lucy & Dan | Forest Edge, Neerim


 Years ago I met Lucy when she was a bridesmaid at a wedding I was photographing, and she told me then she would be marrying her long-time partner Dan some day.  I bumped in Lucy many times over a few years in town or at other weddings and every time I saw her, she would ask if I would photograph her wedding if it ever happened, And well it finally did.  On Australia Day this year.

When Lucy told me her wedding was on Australia Day with an Australia Day theme, I wasn't sure how it would all pan out, but I can say in all honesty that the Australia Day wedding of Dan to Lucy was spectacular and perfect in every single way.

My day started in Neerim South where I met with the boys at the local pub.  They were giving the girls space to get ready and just relaxing.  Well kind of relaxing.  They looked relaxed anyway :)

 Plus they had their trusty mate Diesel there to keep an eye on things....

 I left the boys to their lunch and headed off to Pear Tree Cottage where there was a flurry of excitement and fuss while a group of lovely ladies were helping a busy bride prepare for her long-awaited day.


 Lucy was gracious and lovely while getting ready despite the heap of people everywhere and the huge amount of heat trapped in the little cottage.  She sat with her mum who as a dressmaker fussed over Lucy's gorgeous dress trimming off any imperfect parts, and had visits from friends and her soon-to-be Mother in Law.  Lucy's daughter was gorgeous amidst all of the excitement and was as much a lady as the other bridesmaids...




 The ceremony was held out at Forest Edge CYC which is a little piece of paradise nestled beside the gorgeous Latrobe River.

 It is used as a school camp and features masses of perfect green lawn and beautiful trees.  It was the most amazing place to hold a laid-back Aussie wedding.  Kids had things to do, the whole area was private, the adults had picnics and laid on the grass cloud gazing and someone even managed to wrangle a snake.  It was idyllic.


 After a little bit of a delay due to cars and distance, beautiful Lucy arrived and took Dan's breath away I'm sure.

 Lucy and Dan had a beautiful ceremony full of love, warmth and family.  Lucy was given away by her cousin, their minister was the father of a groomsman and a Sri Lankan Elvis impersonator (so much fun) and the light was golden.  There were blessings galore and Dan and Lucy's son was a most adorable ring-bearer with the funniest this-is-all-a-bit-boring facial expressions during the ceremony.

Much celebration followed and there was a feeling of "they finally did it" as Dan and Lucy had been building their relationship and family since High School. 

 We managed a lot of fun and more serious friend and family shots after the ceremony, but this one of Dan and Lucy's children was a personal favourite :D

 Lucy is such a warm caring soul that it took a little convincing to tear her away from her guests to get the all-important couple shots.  I don't blame her though, when you are surrounded by your favourite people, why would you want to leave?







Lucy works in aged care and as soon as she mentions her work and the residents there, her face lights up.  She truly loves the elderly people that she cares for.  It was really important to Lucy that we visit her residents so we headed into town to visit them and got loads of gorgeous photos of aged faces and weathered hands with the bride and groom.  I'd love to show them to you, but I can't for privacy reasons.


We stopped off at the spot where Dan proposed to Lucy to add some of my very fave sentimentality to the wedding photos and people were beeping their horns while driving past.  I love that.  Bridal couples are kind of royalty and when the general public congratulate couples it really adds to their day.




We headed back to Forest Edge for their reception and straight after Lucy and Dan were announced as Mr and Mrs, they got straight into their first dance.  I adore first dances done on arrival because they really set the mood for the celebrations.  People hit the dance floor early on and it really adds to the party atmosphere.